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The British Advantage:
How an Authentic British voice can transform your message

The British Advantage is a very real thing, when done right.

Authentic British English RP (Received Pronunciation) is one of the most difficult accents to authentically and consistently deliver. I should know, I used to teach English!

There are a few who get close, but most often end up conforming to stereotypes rather than delivering a faithful portrayal, often without realising it.

And even if they nail the sound, there are particularities in the way British English is spoken that can throw English people off, giving away the fact that it's not an authentic British person speaking.

But... why?
There are technical reasons as to why many struggle to deliver British accents and not the other way around. Feel free to send me an email if you're curious as to why.

This may be fine for stereotypes, such as a Dickens era Cockney dialect that we're all too young to have heard in its original form, but the English of the BBC? David Attenborough? Patrick Stewart? Benedict Cumberbatch?


An authentic British RP voice is often associated with luxury, intelligence, sophistication, status and prestige. If this is something you want to communicate, only a genuine 

It breaks the illusion and all that work you've done to earn people's trust is wasted.

Yes, this is where the sales pitch comes in.

If you want a real British voice over who inspires confidence, authority and sophistication...


You're welcome to make an enquiry here:

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