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Apart from having a warm, inspiring and sophisticated British voice, Mark's voice overs come loaded with personality and help to set your commercials apart.

Whether it's a confident, edgy character or a relatable, conversational friendly style, Mark Mullens has lent his voice to many spots and can do the same for you too.
He has recorded commercials for TV, Radio and Internet. 


Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign

TIA MARIA: Cold Brew
The Espresso Martini Beat

Tonino Lamborghini
A Lifestyle Experience Brand

Mark Mullens specialises in delivering authentic, deep and conversational voice overs for commercials. He records from his professional quality voice over booth both directed and self directed. 
He can also connect via high quality feed such as Source-Connect or SessionLink Pro for a broadcast studio quality audio anywhere in the world.
Mark is also available for in-studio work for larger projects in the area around Rome, north of Rome or south of Tuscany. 


If you want to work with Mark Mullens and get a professional British English voice over that is refined, confident and assertive, please contact here.

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