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Who am I?

Would it make sense to say that my brain is British but heart Italian?

Growing up with two cultures at home, I've never known a monocultural life. A British father, Italian mother. What recipe does that produce?

Since my early teenagers I developed a knack for reading, performance, putting on different voices and personas to entertain in the moment. Never had I really imagined that skills like these could be used productively.

My so-called formative years were in Italy. I went to school there (St George's British International School) and ended up going to the University of Essex. The university was fine, but I felt like a fish out of water. It was only later on after dropping out of university (technically twice) that I found my way back to my roots of performing and entertaining.

I obtained an English teaching certificate [CELTA]  and relished in entertaining and delighting students, demonstrating the difference in accents and really improved the clarity of my speech to help them want to learn.

This is how the transition to voice over became an inevitability. British? Check. Voice that everyone likes? Check. Performance abilities? Check. 

While the start was largely coincidental, I realised that this is what I wanted to do and dove head-first into it, learning everything I could, receiving coaching and being the best possible version of myself. 

This leads me to today. Professional Voice Over, working internationally for companies as close to home as Italy and as far away as Mongolia. 

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