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Born in England.

Made in Italy.

Mark Mullens Award Voice Actor


Friendly, approachable British and Italian voice actor with a rich, warm and inquisitive voice.

Listen to what I can do.


Not just a nice voice.

A trained actor with a human touch.

Born in England. Made in Italy.

Described as "a natural story teller", “good conversationalist”, Mark Mullens British Voice Over is the perfect blend of smart British sophistication and welcoming Italian personality, bringing both charm and life to his work. 

Mark specialises in commercials, corporate work, audio guides, video games and more. No matter the script, Mark’s objective is to always deliver a message that is authentic, feels spoken and not just reading with a nice sounding voice.

This comes from his hard working and professional attitude, always aiming to go above and beyond your expectations.  

His voice has been described by clients as inspiring, joyful, warm, friendly, deep, playful and in-charge. 

Mark is bilingual and lives near Rome. Fluent in both British RP English and Standard Italian. Born in England, Mark has lived in Italy since 1999 and has, apart from being natively both British and Italian, completely immersed himself in Italian culture while remaining connected to his British roots.

With a keen ear for pronunciation and accents, Mark is supremely adept at accents and languages, comfortable with adapting his voice, like in this campaign, in which Mark uses a light Yorkshire/North-Eastern UK accent to evoke the feeling of being in the English countryside. Mark is exceptional at pronouncing and seamlessly switching to foreign vocabulary, as well as learning new obscure terms and words and quickly making them fit.

Mark’s technical background and experience as a teacher makes him the perfect candidate for any work that involves understanding complex terminology for medical, industrial, aeronautical, engineering, easily making him sound like an intelligent expert in any topic.

Mark records voice overs from a bespoke voice over booth with industry standard recording equipment from Neumann and Sennheiser. Files can be delivered in broadcast quality wav, mp3. Mark is also be directed over VoIP (Google Meet, Zoom) or high quality feed (Source-Connect, SessionLink).

Let's work together.


Canali Fashion Campaign


R. Bernhardt

Extraordinary work! Excellent pronunciation of foreign names. Fast delivery. Very professional.

near Rome, Italy

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