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Embellish it with some Parmigiano.

English and Italian cultures are almost complete opposites.
While one may be associated with sophistication, politeness and authority, the other elicits warmth, friendliness, and a more laid-back approach.

This is, coincidentally, also reflected in their cuisine. Italian cuisine is very vibrant and full of colourful vegetables. 

Now, while it may seem like I'm using food to create an analogy for why these cultures compliment themselves quite well, the truth is I am.

So, before I end up creating a wall of text which I'd forgive you for not reading, how about you listen to a couple of voice overs that exemplify what I mean.


IMETA - "Still So Fizzy"

FUTRXPO Intro Video

So you see, British doesn't always need to be deep and reserved. It can be friendly, approachable  and passionate.
If this is the type of voice over you're interested in, feel free to reach out with an enquiry here.


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