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How to ensure a smooth hiring process

There are a some considerations that need to be made to ensure working with a voice over artist goes smoothly and you get exactly what you want. 

How do we do that?

1. Clear communication of what the script is for. 
There's more to a voice over than just the words in your script.
We'll need to know what you want to achieve with the voice over, as well as any directions with regard to tone, style or intended audience. Are we talking to young adults? Engineers? Is it a commercial? Internal manifesto? 
References can also be a helpful guide, while also communicating how much freedom the voice actor has for interpretation. 

2. What the voice over will be used for. 
This is where price is understood. A voice over used in a large TV commercial is going to command a higher price than an elearning module that'll be heard by a very specific sector, as it'll be exposed to more people and thus inherently makes the voice over more valuable. 
If you're unclear about how much you should be paying, I strongly suggest the GVAA Rate Guide for North America, and the Gravy For the Brain Rate Guide for UK, Europe and Latin America. 
The Voice Realm Rate Calculator is also extremely handy if you have very specific usage.


You're welcome to make an enquiry here:

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